Has your skin felt silk of late? Discover the same magical and smooth touch on your skin with Silk Plus Hair Removing Cream. Herbal properties blended with new age cosmetics unveil a new look of your skin by removing the shabby and sluggish hair from legs, armpits and other body parts.

“Nimson Marksend cream” is enriched with beneficial properties of natural ingredients like: Ghritkumari, papaya & Lemon, Orange, Wheat & Chandan. It helps fade & remove dark spots & old scars caused due to blemishes, acne & after injuries. Regular application of “Nimson Marksend Cream” improves complexion & helps look fair, healthy and naturally glowing face.

In day-to-day lives skin is exposed to dust, smoke, fumes, heat, environmental pollutants & sun rays. All these cause great harm to skin tissue. In summer it burns, looses moisture & gets tanned. Our other parts smell offensive due to bad body odor. Skin gets scratches & rashes due to bacterial attacks also.

“Nimson Herbal Garden Talcum Powder” is a blend of Nimbu, Tulsi, Chandan, Neem, naturally occurring Minerals & other important ingredients to control harmful effects of summer season ranging from offensive body odor & prickly heat.

Divyaratan Cool-Cool Talcum Powder is specially formulated to give you extra cooling sensation throughout the day. Its special aroma which is a blend of mint, Camphor, Eucalyplus, Tea Tree, Lemongrass and other esential Oils relaxes and refreshes your senses.

“Nimson Boroneem Talcum Powder” is a blend of Santara, Gulab, Tulsi, Neelgiri, Tea tree, naturally occurring Minerals & other important ingredients to control harmful effects occurring due to excessive perspiration in summer season.

Nimson Amla Hair oil is a unique product with the goodness of Amla & herbal actives. It takes care of all needs of your hair.

When you think of turmeric, a tasty curry dish might come to mind, but hold that thought! Turmeric is not only delicious; it’s also great for your skin!

Turmeric is a spice used mainly in Asian cooking, specifically Thai and Indian cuisine. You’re probably familiar with the Indian spice mix called curry. Turmeric plays a big role in that spice mixture, and it’s also present in yellow mustard. Turmeric is bright orange-yellow in color, with a light, complementary taste and smell.

Tea tree oil has become a popular natural ingredient in all kinds of shampoos, face soaps and ointments because of its amazing healing powers.

Fruits have innumerable benefits when it comes to skin care. Not only eating them is beneficial but applying them as scrub, mask or facial has remarkable effects on any skin type.

One of the most effective fruits one can find in an orchard is the luscious red wonder berry — strawberry. Delectable and yummy, it is a favourite of both grown-ups and kids. If used regularly, strawberries can work wonders in giving your face a shine and healthy glow. Here are a few methods in which you can use strawberries to get the most out of it: