Nourishes Hair Roots

  • Anti Hair Loss Kit


    Amla Gold Herbal Oil 200ml

    Amla Gold Oil is made of Indian herbs indicated in Ayurveda for their nourishing properties towards scalp & hair. Together these herbs stimulate circulation to hair follicles which imparts proper nourishment to scalp required for healthy head of hair.

    Nature Fresh Extra Conditioning Shampoo 200ml

    “Nimson Nature Fresh Shampoo” contains Ayurvedic herbs Like:

    Ghritkumari, Brahmi, Methi, Shikakai, Arishtaka & Japa known in Ayurveda for their beneficial properties towards scalp & hair. It helps control minor scalp disorders ranging from itching, irritation of scalp & dandruff.

    HSN CODE :- 3305.90.11

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  • Kesh Silk Plus Hair Oil

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    Nimson Keshsilk Plus Hair Oil” is made as per Ayurvedic concept of hair care. It includes time tested “Keshya” (Beneficial for Hair) Herbs reported in classical Ayurvedic literatures.

    HSN CODE : – 3003.90.11

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