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Colour Plus Family Shampoo (Pack of 5)

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An Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine Nimson Colur Plus Shampoo” contains Ayurvedic herbs Like: Neeli, Bhringraja, Yashtimadhu, Shikakai, Arishtaka & Jatamansi known for their beneficial effects towards scalp & hair. It helps control minor scalp disorders ranging from itching, irritation of scalp & dandruff.
Regular use helps control Dandruff & minor scalp disorders. It helps keep premature falling & thinning under control. Keeps scalp clean & healthy, supports natural growth.

Permitted Colors, Flavors & Preservatives used.

Arunshika, Kshudra Charma Roga, Kesha pata, Khalitya, Shirah kandu.

Dose & Application:
Apply to pre-wet scalp & hair in diluted form. Rinse off thoroughly with plenty of water.

For external application only.

Recap tightly after use. Keep away from children. Store in cool, dry & dark place.

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Product Ingredients

Each 10 gms. contains:

Neeli (Indigofera tinctoria) – 1 gm.

Bhringraja (Eclipta alba) – 0.6 gm.

Yashthimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra) – 0.6 gm.

Shikakai (Acacia concinna) – 0.4 gm.

Arishtak (Sapindus mukorossi) – 0.4 gm.

Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi) – 0.2 gm.

Base – q.s. to make 100%.


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