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Divyaratna Cool Talcum Powder 100gm (Pack of 5)

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Skin is the largest body organ which is exposed to hazardous environmental pollutants like sunrays & fumes of chemicals. All these factors cause great harm to skin tissue. In summer it burns & looses its moisture & gets tanned which causes scratches, rashes & bacterial attacks & prickly heats. Such summers cause excessive perspiration which produces offensive body odor.
Divyaratan Cool Talc is a blend of naturally occurring minerals, herbs & necessary ingredients to soothe our skin during such harsh climatic conditions.
Regular application helps soothe & heal skin from sunstroke, excessive sweating during summers & minor skin allergies, irritation, itching & bad body odor.

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Divyaratan Cool-Cool Talcum Powder is specially formulated to give you extra cooling sensation throughout the day. Its special aroma which is a blend of mint, Camphor, Eucalyplus, Tea Tree, Lemongrass and other esential Oils relaxes and refreshes your senses.

Product Ingredients

Yashad Bhasm (Calcined Zinc), Tankan (Borax), Pudina Satv (Mentha arvensis), Tulsi Tail (Ocimum Sanctum oil), Karpoor (Cinnamomum camphora Ext.), Neem Tail (Azadirachta indica oil), Dugdha pashan (Talc Powder) – q.s. , Silica Dioxide – q.s. , Sugandha Dravya (Perfume)


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