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Fruitglow Hand & Body Lotion 500ml (Pack of 5)

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‘Fruitglow Hand & Body Lotion’ is enriched with health benefits of natural herbal ingredients like: Mosambi, Sebe, Daakh, Nashpati, Cow’s Milk & Almond Oil. It helps Skin regain its natural color & Glow.
Regular application helps control pigmentation disorders & roughness due to change of season & deposition of environmental pollutants.

Permitted Colors, Flavors & Preservatives Used.

Ayurvedic Indications:
Varnya (Helps skin regain it’s Natural Complexion). Tvakraukshya Shamak ( Controls Dryness & Roughness of Skin).

Dose & Application:
Apply sufficient quantity after bath allover body or desired area. Safe for daily use.

For external application only. Don’t apply on open wounds.

Recap tightly after use. Keep away from children. Store in cool, dry & dark place.

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Product Ingredients

Mosambi (Citrus reticulata) Fr. P. – 1.00 gm.

Sebe (Pyrus malus) Fr. – 0.60 gm.

Daakh (Vitis vinifera) Fr. – 0.60 gm.

Nashpati (Pyrus communis) Fr. – 0.60 gm.

Go Dugdha (Cow’s Milk) – 0.20 gm.

Badam (Prunus amygdalus) Sd. Ol. – 0.10 gm.


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