Silk Plus Hair Remover Cream (Tube) – 25gm (Pack of 5)

Silk Plus Hair Removal Cream advanced hair inhibitor system is a 100% pain-free effective cream. This unique cream contains a unique blend of especially bioactive plant extracts which are designed to seep into the hair follicle, thereby breaking up and softening the hair shaft naturally and making the hair “fall out” without causing any irritation to most sensitive skin.
HSN CODE: – 3307.00.00

Has your skin felt the silk of late? Discover the same magical and smooth touch on your skin with Silk Plus Hair Removing Cream. Herbal properties blended with new-age cosmetics unveil a new look of your skin by removing the shabby and sluggish hair from legs, armpits and other body parts. It contains the perfect blend of Bioactive plant extract which gently seep into the hair follicle and soften the hair shaft. Effectively, hair becomes soft and comes out without any sensation, leaving your skin soft and supple.


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